October 25 - 29, 2021

Santiago, Chile Espacio Riesco

XVI World Exhibition and Congress for Latin America


Santiago, Chile, Wednesday November 12, 2019.-The organization in charge of EXPOMIN 2020 informs that the promotion and sales for the most important mining exhibition in Latin America carries on normally and without problem, in spite of the social crisis Chile has been undergoing these past few weeks. Our region is the principal supplier of minerals and metals in the world and this is a significant factor in the importance of this fair.


We wish to emphasize that there will be important international participation in the XVI version of the Exhibition and Congress EXPOMIN, to be held between April 20 and 24th. The United States, China, Germany, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Peru, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Switzerland, as well as other countries in Europe, Asia and South America will lead it.

High executives of EXPOMIN are carrying out a strong campaign at the national and international level to add more companies to the list participating in this grand event to be held next year.

The organization has held important promotional functions in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and China. During November and December, we will engage in actions with the chambers of commerce and commercial attachés of various countries to add more participants to this great mining fair, considering that Chile is the world's main copper producer with a portfolio for over US$ 70 million for the period 2019-2018.

This is in addition to the constant work in coordination with the Minister of Mining, and EXPOMIN's strategic partners such as government organisms, mining companies, and trade entities. 

Information of interest

The government authorities report that, even though Santiago has been the principal stage for citizens' demonstrations, most of these have been concentrated in the center of the city. Therefore, the areas further out have been less affected and are functioning normally. That is the case with the Espacio Riesco Convention Center, where the fair will be held, which is located over 15 kilometers from downtown Santiago.

The international airport Arturo Merino Benitez is operating with normal programed flights scheduled by airlines; transfers and taxis to the airport offer their regular services; bus stations and lodging services for visitors are also running as usual, with a few exceptions in the city's center.

We would also like to stress that the government's priority today is to promote a new social agenda for the country and initiate a widespread and profound dialogue process to listen to civil society throughout the country and recover total normality in Chile as soon as possible.